Salem Garage Door Specialties is able to handle any and all garage door needs. We tend to everything from major service repairs, to full garage door installation – in both residential and commercial settings. We also manage general service repair calls, garage door spring replacements, alignments, and full tune ups. Call us today for an estimate on the following services:


In order to make sure your new garage door is the best fit for your space, our installation professionals will first need to make preliminary measurements. We want to make sure that your door fits snug in the opening, and that there is ample headroom space for the spring system and automatic opening hardware.


Once measurements have been made and you choose the garage door that works best with your home, our team will schedule a time to come extract your old door and install the new one. We ask that during this time you remove any vehicles or obstructions from the garage, to avoid damage and safety risks. Then, our installers will: dismantle and remove your old door, attach hardware to new door panels, place them in the door opening, install new track and rollers, and attach the door to a new spring and cable system. Upon installation, we will make sure that all mechanisms are working properly and that you understand how to operate the controls before leaving.


As always, if you have questions or concerns about your new garage door, feel free to call us at any time.

Spring Replacement

If ever you hear a loud alarming sound when opening or closing your garage door, it is safest to leave it be and call for inspection. Most likely, this means that a torsion spring has broken. These springs are vital to the proper function of your door, and are under tremendous tension. Given the immense weight of some garage doors and the risk of damaging connected parts, we do not recommend trying to replace torsion springs alone. Leave this task to our professionals.


If you notice that your garage door is tilting or not closing completely on one side, something is causing un-alignment. There are a few common issues that cause garage doors to come out of alignment. Due to wear and tear, the lift cables or tension springs may begin to break or stretch. Occasionally, one side’s cable or spring may wear faster than the other, causing that side of the door to droop and become un-aligned with the other. If left unattended, this problem will become worse and begin to prevent opening and closing function. We recommend replacing both springs or cables with identical new versions to re-align your door and ensure even tension.


Much like alignment, your garage door needs to be properly balanced to operate at its full potential. If you notice drooping or pulling to one side of your door, but the springs and cables seem to be in equally good condition, it is possible that your door just needs to be balanced. If one cable has slipped or the door was not set in a level position, it will need to be balanced. Our team is happy to come adjust your garage door so that it operates at equal pace and tension from both sides.

Tune Up

Our garage doors need an occasional tune-up just like our vehicles. We recommend having your garage door serviced once a year to maintain suitable function and safety. A tune-up usually consists of the following maintenance: tightening the nuts and bolts, inspecting the rollers and lift cables for wear and tear, lubricating the chains and springs, and replacing the weather stripping along the bottom edge of the door for ample insulation. At this time, if any damage or risk is identified, our servicer will suggest what needs replacing.

A superb garage door can last a lifetime

if it receives proper care and maintenance; however, much like our cars, there are many moving components involved in every day use that can wear out over time. At Salem Garage Door Specialties, we take the right precautionary steps to make sure your garage door will withstand the test of time. It is also important that you do your part in caring for your garage.


We recommend that everyone perform a monthly visual inspection of their doors. Stand facing the inside of your garage door, with the door is closed. Examine the garage door springs, cables, rollers, pulleys, and mounting hardware for anything that seems out of the ordinary. If you notice any areas where bending has occurred, or hear any abnormal noises coming from the machinery upon opening or closing the door, do not hesitate to contact us. If anything suspicious raises your attention, our team at Salem Garage will be happy to come diagnose the issue for you. A damaged garage door can be hazardous and should be evaluated by a professional.


In the mean time, it is important to up-keep you garage door regardless. Even if nothing noticeable has occurred and your door seems to be functioning normally, a semi-annual lubrication is always recommended. Like changing the oil in your car, this helps to keep the rollers running smoothly and avoid build up that may cause future damage. This maintenance is something that you should let a professional handle for you, and our Salem Garage Door specialists are well equipped.

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