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To prepare your pre-finished steel garage door for painting, it is important to give it a good cleaning, but do not wax. Remove surface wax to prevent the paint from peeling or flaking.


Remove surface scratches which have not exposed the metal substrate by lightly buffing or sanding with 0000 steel wool or No. 400 sand paper to create a smoother surface for painting. Do not over buff or sand the garage door, because paint will not adhere to the door if the surface is too smooth. Do not attempt to remove scratches if your steel door surface has a finish painted texture representing wood grain, stucco, etc. because of the increased danger of exposing the metal substrate. Simply paint them with a high quality metal primer. Follow drying time on primer can label before applying topcoat. To prevent rust from forming, treat any scratches that have exposed the substrate by sanding the exposed area lightly and then painting with a high quality metal primer. Follow drying time on primer can label before applying topcoat.


After properly preparing the surface according to the above instructions and allowing it to dry thoroughly, coat the door with a premium quality latex house paint. Follow the paint label directions explicitly.


Oil base paint is not recommended. Note that if substrate is exposed, painting with latex paint may cause accelerated rusting of steel. Follow previous instructions on priming the door for painting. Review your Maintenance Brochure for more detailed instructions and information on cleaning and maintenance of your steel door; improper finishing may void your warranty.

The best way to find out if your garage door meets wind load requirements is to do the following:

  • Check with a local architect, engineer, or building official to verify what the requirements are for your home.
  • Verify with your insurance company to see if they have any additional requirements or to receive appropriate discounts.
  • Contact a local Wayne Dalton dealer to inspect your door. Use our dealer locator to find an authorized dealer in your area.

Yearly cleaning and inspection of your wood garage door is easy. If the finish appears to be in good condition, cleaning and touch-up work is often adequate.


1. Remove dirt, chalk and mildew by washing your wood door with a diluted solution of mild household detergent at a concentration of one (1) cup in five (5) gallons of warm water.


2. Rinse with clear water after washing and allow to dry completely. 1) If the finish is badly eroded and thin, clean the areas where the wood substrate is showing through as described above and prime those areas using an oil/alkyd primer. Follow the cleaning and priming with a complete priming and finish coating. 2) If there is no bare wood showing through, only a finish coat may be required. Review your Maintenance Brochure for detailed instructions and information on cleaning and maintenance of your wood door; improper finishing may void your warranty.

There are many reasons that insulation is an important part of your garage door. Insulated doors can help to control the temperature of your garage, which allows for less heat loss in the winter and cooler temperatures in the summer. An insulated garage door can drastically reduce the amount of energy required to cool or heat your home which saves money! An added benefit to insulated doors is a reduction in noise from the exterior of your home.


Torsion springs have an estimated lifespan of about 10,000 “cycles”. A cycle consists of one opening and one closing of the garage door. Each time the door opens or closes, the steel spring experiences tremendous force. The steel gradually fatigues and eventually cracks and breaks. Get in touch with one of our representatives today for a free quote and inspection of your garage door. It may be time for a service or repair.


Consider the size and construction of your garage door as well as the clearance above and on the sides. You may also want to consider whether or not there are living spaces near, or above the garage door. This may affect the choice in how quiet you want the garage door opener to be. Finally, consider the safety and security devices that you prefer for your garage door. If you have any questions, we are happy to help. Give us a call today!

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